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‘The City of the Guradians: Introducing Alex Honor’ – Chapter 25 : No Love


Intro Information about how the idea for the book came about..

I was driving down the road one day and something kinda whispered,”Change Lanes”,  5 seconds later a car swerved into the very lane I was in. That’s just one example. We have all experienced those little nudges, don’t go there today or stay away from that person. Well, I call those whispers, Guardians. And I gave them names and attitudes and opinions. They fight for us everyday, some want us to succeed but some of them want the very worst for us. Below is a list of the Guardians explored in the book series.

By Biranda Sims-Kirkpatrick an excerpt from her book, ‘The City of the Guradians: Introducing Alex Honor’

There are 10 Guardians in the complete book series:

The Good Guardians:

Stilo represents Strength- When you feel like giving up, he is there encouraging you. Or if you are in a dangerous situation, he will give you the strength to fight your way out.

Mica represents Mercy

Leere represents Love

Halo represents Hope

Cadence represents Compassion


The Bad Guardians:


Rip represents Rage-He is present when a family member is killed and He is always angry. He whispers “get angry, hurt them the way they hurt you”.

Hurl represents Hate

Vile represents Vengeance

Jilt represents Jealousy

Gib represents Greed


I hope this gives you more insight on what the book is about. Please enjoy the Foreword and the Chapter that follows.

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Do you ever wonder about those little nudges and whispers you get from time to time. Those “Don’t go down this street” or “Change lanes”?

The City of the Guardians: Introducing Alex Honor will show you who is behind those whispers and nudges. This book will make you take notice to the existence of things beyond our sight. The characters Stilo and Rip will fight to make their voice the one you listen to. Which will you choose?

I set out to write an interesting book about three boys going to the park, I never imagined it would turn into a story about the confirmed truth that we have all been whispered to. You may been embarrassed to admit that you have experienced a nudge or quiet whisper but you and I both know that you have.

Chapter 25

No Love

The times repeat themselves, one decade will resort back to the previous. The youth will visit old fashions, politics will revisit a prodigal personality. And the violence makes a repeated appearance. “It” says that “the generations to come will be weaker but wiser”. And once again, it’s word is coming to fulfillment. Back in the day we had to really try to convince a child to go into a school or building and kill everyone because he or she had been wronged in some way. But today’s times are totally different. Doesn’t take much to convince little Johnny that he should kill up a bunch of people because he has been picked on for years. The mentality of man is weaker, which works in my favor. I don’t care who they shoot up, just as long a destruction is a result of their actions. I don’t really have any favorites, I want the one who is going to listen to my voice.

I want the one who is weak enough to believe that My solution is the best choice. Destruction, destruction, destruction and more of it. And if he happens to punk out and decide he can’t kill innocent people, I’ll push for the next best thing, suicide. I whisper that life would be so much easier without you, I tell them your parents don’t care for you and they want you gone too. I tell them that life on the other side will be paradise and they will forget this horrible life. I tell them life will never get better, it will only get worse and there is no other answer. All lies, but most of them don’t listen to Mica(Mercy) when he tells them everything will be alright. They push him out and concentrate on what I am saying and that’s when I turn it up. The end result is another life extinguished, another soul I don’t have to worry about in the end. And still there’s another unintended surprise left by the loser. They often leave family and friends behind, so I get to plant the seed of suicide, guilt, depression, sorrow, and worry in them. Not all of them though, some of’em have the faith thing and resist my urges. But I never give up, I’ll give em a break and when the time is right, I’ll pay them another visit. Funny thing is, if they could see what I see and knew what I knew, they’d never listen to me. They wouldn’t take this life for granted, they would take a breath and chill out. But, I don’t care what they do as long as they keep me and my counterparts busy. I don’t want any trouble. And when business slows down for us, I know there’s trouble coming. So me and my gang keep at it, always waiting for that weak moment. I like to disguise my intentions, can’t be too obvious.

But now there is a new problem, Stilo and his self righteous friends have a shiner on the horizon. And I hate them more than anything. What is a shiner you ask, hmph. It’s a mortal who has been given the ability to see us, the Guardians. Originally, that’s what we all were, Guardians. But after some miscommunications, some of us decided to switch sides and have some fun. Anyway, shiners are fresh and strong. They don’t know everything there is to know about our world but have the gift.

Ooooh, I feel despair,mmmm, someone is contemplating the easy way out. Let me go and assist them in their last decision. We’ll talk again. Real soon.

Oh Yeah, I’m Rip(Rage).

All works Copyrighted 2013

Biranda Sims-Kirkpatrick, ’The City of the Guradians: Introducing Alex Honor’ “…book coming out in July and it is going to change the world.”

I am a thirty five year old, married mother of two. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember but denied that it was my passion for years. I was born and raised in Camden, Arkansas and moved to Texas in 1996. I worked for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Department for four years as a Detention Service Officer or Jailer. While there I came to appreciate the fragility of the unknown. I am also the host of a radio talk show called “The Honey Hour” on DFWiradio.com, Thursdays @ 11:00 a.m. I am a contributing writer for Best Southwest Moms Blog and have my personal blog at www.beelkirk.blogspot.com.